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Casas en venta - casa de Hernan Zajar, casa de John Legizamo, casa san agustín -town house- en el centro histórico de Cartagena - travel & concierge - travel and concierge

La Travel & Concierge - visionary ability to provide housing and services in private homes that allow guests to turn their vacation plans or business into something extraordinary. HOUSES, APARTMENTS, ISLANDS, boutique hotels, EVENTS.

Travel & Concierge offers travelers the most luxurious and modern accommodation units, all located in interesting places and recreation. The most prestigious interior designers, architects and restorers Places Colombian tourism scene to offer creative and comfortable alternative to the lifestyle of our travelers.

We hope you feel at home with us!

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Houses with 2 or 3 bedrooms
Houses with 4 bedrooms
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Climate in Cartagena: Tiempo en Cartagena
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